Beard Oil Set (1oz Beard Oil, 1 Beard Comb, & 1 Beard Brush)

Beard Oil Set (1oz Beard Oil, 1 Beard Comb, & 1 Beard Brush)

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This set is delivered packaged for the true King!! The Glossed Up by Nicole ALL NATURAL Handcrafted Beard Oil provides a hydrating and moisturizing formula for your skin and hair follicles. Packed with natural ingredients, this Beard Oil is a must! The pocket sized Fine/Wide grooming comb is made of peach wood and the mini brush is made from bamboo, sandalwood, and boar bristle.

Directions: Begin with a small amount of beard oil.  Apply to the skin beneath the beard and then massage into the beard.  This routine is best completed after a shower and at least twice a day.  Use the beard brush once a day.  More than once can cause damage.  However, you can use the comb 3-5 times daily which will not cause damage to your beard. 


Jojoba Oil: Promotes hair growth, moisturizes the beard, & reduces breakage. 

Argan Oil: Packed with Vitamin E that helps to heal dry hair and skin and soothes and protects against damage.

Castor Oil: Contains contents that improve blood circulation providing nutrition to hair follicles, lubricates hair and skin which helps in growing facial hair.

Vitamin E Oil: Prevents beardruff, moisturizes dry skin under the beard, and relieves itching.

Coconut Oil: Nourishes and heals the skin beneath your beard & assists in stimulating beard growth.

Sandalwood Essential Oil:  Warm woodsy scent that helps to soothe dry & chapped skin as well and eases away skin irritations such as acne & redness.